Thighs Avancé

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 3400)

This is just a little doozy you can add on to the end of a bunch of regular squats. Repeat left

Yeah, that's it. This puppy's nice because you take your participants all over the room. If you're in a gym you can outline big circles, figure eights, etc..

To take it from a quad to a quad and inner thigh workout, really drag that second leg along the ground (non-marking soles only). Hey, who really wears out shoes before they buy new ones? We buy 'em 'cause we were tired of the old ones? Of course, this isn't such a good idea if you have carpeting (unless you can harness all that static energy ... ).

This is great after a few initial regular lunges because the travelling will help take their minds off the excrutiating pain and they'll be able to do just a few more.

SRTW ... 213 DTG ... Go Air Force ... Go Leafs Go!
You're the best, Brennan!

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From: Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
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