Vita's Vibe on Fitness #7 (Step-Advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3401)

3 - 32 count self reversable patterns all starting with the right lead. Try for muscle balance at least once by the end of your routine for symmetry. Have fun.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left lead

Combo 3

Repeat left lead

*2-1-2 Straddle: Step right, repeat left knee x 2, straddle down left, right, straddle up left, right knee x 1,(8 counts) straddle down right, left, straddle up right, repeat left knee x 2, exit front (8 counts)

*Up jack, lunge, knee: Up up right left, jack on top, lunge, knee, (right leg) down, down (8 counts)

*Step over mambo: Facing left wall, step over the step with the right foot, lift left foot in place, bring right foot back over slightly behind the left foot, lift left foot in place.

Have a beautiful day. I partially tore my calf muscle and can't teach for 6 weeks. Anyone out there with this problem (or have had an injury like this) and can give me advice on how to workout and not gain weight (Help-Smile) What am I going to do. How long were you out.

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From: Columbia, South Carolina (USA)
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