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For those of you fortunate enough to have boxing gloves and mitts I have listed the combinations that we use.

We have 9 sets of gloves and 9 sets of mitts. If we have more than 18 students we divide the class in half and have the half that is not boxing do sports circuits, run laps, jump rope or ride stationary bikes which are in the same studio.

The group that is boxing is paired up and if there is an odd number one of the instructors pairs up with the odd person otherwise the instructor helps correct form (very important in the beginning). Make sure to have the mitt partner hold their mitts right up next to their shoulders to allow the shoulders to absorb the punch. Otherwise the mitt will move too much after each punch and the exercise is less effective.

The mitt person should stand with their left leg forward and the boxer with their right leg forward when working a right lead.

We have four punch combinations that we have taught over time. I will describe all of the punches with a right lead but it is the same with the left.

All of these combinations should be done with precision and speed in mind. We started with only 1s and 2s for the first few weeks and then added 3s and 4s. Eventually you can have the partner call out punch combinations, for example the mitt partner would say "1" and the boxer would perform a "1". Then the partner would say "3". Etc. This is a very effective workout.

To break it up you can do jumping jacks, double jacks, plyometric jacks, air jump ropes, shuffles, etc and then switch to the other hand. Do 5-6 minutes for the boxer and then have the boxer and the mitt person switch roles.

Some punches facing forward:

If you can get gloves and mitts it is a much harder workout than shadow boxing (just remember the laws of physics). My students love it. I strongly suggest getting wraps and to require all students to wear them. Wraps protect the wrists and the bones in the hands. It is important when throwing punches to prevent injuries. I threw a few punches without them and regretted it.

If you have any questions about these moves please feel free to email me.

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