Step Circut for Delts

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Step is vertical - bpm 124 - equipment needed: tubing, 3 5 8 pound weights.

Muscle groups: posterior, anterior, medial delts, bicep, tricep

Cardio - 3 minutes right lead

Strength - posterior delts, triceps

Cardio - 3 minutes

Strength: lateral deltoid- 3 to 5 pound weights

Cardio - 3 minutes begin left side of step right lead

Strength: Anterior delts - 3 to 5 pounds

Cardio: combine the first combinations doing all combos together and then change leads and do all three combos again.

Strength: All Deltoids, tricep 8 to 10 pound weights.

Cardio - 3 minutes

Strength: Biceps 5 to 8 pound weights

Cardio: 3 minutes

Strength: Triceps - your choice weights

Cardio/Strength combined: Glutes, quads, hamstrings, biceps/triceps 5 pound weights

This work out should take about 45 - 50 minutes and is very intense. Your heart rate tends to increase a bit when you pick up the weights so please be monitoring. Music must stay at a slower pitched tempo for the weight portion.

Kick straddle kick tap: step kick and straddle bench, step kick again and tap foot down off the side.

Reverse jack: Coming off the turn straddle, hop the legs in together and then back out and then back in 2x. I cue in out in in

Have fun, e mail me for further explanations or comments.

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From: Murdock, Florida (USA)
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