It's All GREEK to me - Vertical

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3413)

             I ----------- IV
             :              :
             :              :
            II              V
             :              : 
             :              :
           III ----------- VI

Movement around the board goes from I travels to II travels to III, diagonal or 1/2 hop turn to IV....repeat opposite side IV travels back to V travels back to VI. Diagonal or 1/2 hop turn back to I.

Combo #1

Repeat the same with hydrants/fireplugs* instead of knees
Repeat the same with curls instead of hydrants/fireplugs*

Do it once all around with

ALPHA COMBO (knee/hydrant/curl)

Right leg Following the same basic principal of building....from three different series of singles traveling to putting all three different moves together for a combo:


(kick, hip abductor/extender, arabesque)


(Charleston, Hip & Hop**, Mambo on the floor with a small hop back)

*Hydrant/fireplug: think hip abductor extender with a bent knee (dog & hydrant)

**Hip & Hop: hip abductor/extender finish with a quick tap across planted foot. Breakdown: right foot up, left leg extends, left leg back to floor, quick tap of right foot towards pinky of left foot...This leaves you with an OPEN right

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