I'll Be in Scotland Before Ye

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3434)

Just another way of dividing the class into two groups. I assume most people are familiar with the old song, "I'll take the high road and you'll take the low road, but I'll be in Scotland before you, and me and my true love will never meet again etc. etc. etc."

I use Celtic music for this (but don't have to). I tell them we're going to Scotland.

The first group is going to take the HIGH ROAD (they are standing, and alternating between bounce/no bounce for counts of 8) - or any other standing drill you'd like.

The second group is going to take the LOW ROAD (sitting, using enough resistance for the legs to take the heat, and keeping a nice, steady pace).

At whatever intervals you determine, those taking the high road switch with those on the low road, and when there's perhaps a minute or so left in the song, you get their attention and say, "I have news for you, I'll be in Scotland before you" and hammer it home for 60 seconds or so, and they join you.

Have fun. Keep the ideas flowing.

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