TKO Aerobics #3

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 3438)

This is one complete Kick Boxing routine. I teach 3 different techniques/combos and them weave them together, using rest & recovery periods between combos to make the class interval training. (See TKO Aerobics #2 for breakdown of Stick and Move, and TKO Aerobics for breakdown of Step and Punch)
I just recently purchased the Tae-Bo videos by Billy Blanks, you may recognize some of his choreography.

Shadow Boxing Combo

Stick and Move

Kick Boxing

Walk and Speed: Walk 3 steps toward the right wall starting with the right foot, tap the left foot on count 4. Right arm is a speed bag while walking, on the tap (count 4) you throw a power punch off the back arm toward the right wall. Repeat, walking to the left. It is a great combo to transition from right to left handed boxer.

2 Knee strikes, kick and punch: Described for a right handed boxer - step on left foot, lift right knee 2x (1-4), tap right foot on floor (5), kick right foot out to side (6), step down on right foot (7), throw a power punch off the back (left) arm to the right side of the room (8), this leaves your left foot free to repeat this combo, or to start the walk & speed to repeat the routine from the top.

Class Format (how I teach the class)

  1. Shadow Boxing as both a right and left handed boxer (self reverses).
  2. Short rest and recovery period (slow lunges or squats) while explaining Stick & Move.
  3. Stick & Move as a right handed boxer, then use the Shadow Boxing combo to transition to left handed boxer.
  4. Stick & Move combo as a left handed boxer.
  5. Weave the two together and go through it a few times.
  6. Heart rate check as a rest & recovery period before Kick Boxing.
  7. Kick Boxing combo as a right handed boxer. use Shadow Boxing and Stick & Move combos to transition to left handed boxer.
  8. Kick Boxing combo as a left handed boxer.
  9. Weave all three techniques together and go through the routine as a right and reft handed boxer once or twice.
  10. Finish class with speed bag and uppercut flurries.

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From: Martinez, California (USA)
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