Da Bomb!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3452)

  1. Two knee repeater, straddle down, step knee. (8). You end this move with the left foot on the bench and the right knee in the air. Arms reach up and pull down on the double knee up, then press down on the straddle down, and both fists grab an imaginary something and throw it in the air on the step knee.
  2. Straddle down step knee, two times, alternating feet (8). Again, end with the left foot on the bench and the right knee in the air.
  3. Straddle down step abductor lift, two times, alternating feet (8). Extend arms with each lift.
  4. Straddle down march up, two times (8). You are leading right. Marching arms. Cue the second one "step up and lunge."
  5. 8 lunges side to side (16). Both arms punch up to the opposite side from the lunge.
  6. Put the right foot on the floor beside the bench and squat for 2, lift the right leg in abduction for 2, repeat the squat and abduction two more times, then squat for 2, and step off (16).
  7. Repeat the entire 64-count combination beginning with a left lead.

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