Steve's Step Groove (AKA the 2nd half of my class)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3117)

Here are three combinations that make up one block of my choreography.

Combo #1:

Combo #2

Combo #3

Let's break some things down:

Crossover mambo: From a straddle position, step OVER the bench almost facing back and mambo.

Slow V-step: Done half time

Football repeater: Step knee straddle, run, run, run, step knee exit (Just like you are a running back)

Repeater 4/Walk Around: I queue it like this: "Repeat left knee for 4, step down and march left for 8". Change the last 4 counts of the march to a mambo. Then move it around the back side of the bench.

All Combinations are 32 counts and all change lead legs.

When you put the whole thing together you will start on your left facing back. And we all know how much our classes like to face back! :)

Any comments or questions, please email me.

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From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
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