Rembrant's Paint Brush

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Rembrant's Paint Brush: Six punch combination knockout bliz!
  1. Left jab to the nose
  2. Right cross to the jaw
  3. Left hook to the ribs
  4. Left hook to the jaw
  5. Right uppercut to the bread basket
  6. Left hook to the jaw
This combination is thrown over and over again to a heavy driving rock beat in my Boxercise class after the warmup. Time of this routine is aproximately 3 to 4 minutes.

During the intervals, side to side foot work and extreme bobbing and weaving is perfected. Left jabs 8 - right cross 8 left hook low 8 - left hook high 8 right uppercuts 8 - left hook high 8

Then back to Rembrandt's Paint Brush for 3 to 4 minutes

Then repeat the interval punches again - And so on through the remainder of the 45 minute Boxercise class.

The last 10 minutes is slowing down the routine until properly cooled down, with more emphasis on bobbing and weaving while throwing uppercuts and hooks, with an occasional quick left right 1-2 punch.

Class ends with all students standing with their arms over their heads with their imaginary opponent unconscience at their feet ... we have a great time. One of my students got jumped from behind going home one night and started the Paint Brush combo on the guy and he ran from her to safer ground. She says she feels more confident then ever now.

All punches are thrown from the classic boxing stance or on guard position - hands return straight back as quickly as they went out. - each punch sets the weight right for the next punch and so on - no herky-jerky motion because of the rythm and balance; as each punch paves the way for a fluid-like motion. Remember to twist the waist, pivot the feet, dip and roll, push up with the legs ... practice till you have the best possible leverage and power on each punch ... Reminder, in boxercise, we don't extend the punch fully.

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From: Berkeley, Missouri, Saint Louis County (USA)
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