Big Mambo Step and Lunge!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3147)

This is my first time posting, so offer suggestions and/or comments. Thanks.

Bench is horizontal and face left wall (highest height for advance steppers). "Home" is used in context to facing the front wall, behind the bench. I would recommend adding as much power as possible, from hopping those step taps, running those turnsteps, to jumping really high on those lunges.

Warm-up: You choose

Block 1:

Right lead Repeat left lead

Block 2:

Right lead, at home position, facing front (this may be a bit difficult to understand because the many of the moves are altered a bit for advance steppers). More fun if all the tricks are added. Repeat left lead (reversing the other leads)

Block 3:

High impact; on the step, facing left wall (can be used as an interval, for those who use them) Repeat left lead if your class hasn't already passed out. Just kidding. Hey, I'm 17 years old and this is my first time posting!

Additional Blocks: add them as you like!

Cool Down: Your choice

If you use these patterns, step in larger counts and add on one at a time. Once again, this is my first time posting, and so it was difficult for me to say what should be done. It will be much easier once internet is cable-based and that way video will be available for demonstration. I hope that these blocks will be useful (and that at least one person out there actually uses them). Please feel free to email me for any comments/suggestions/questions. I created this pattern after having taking steps courses for a few years now. I think it would be considered intermediate level. I hope you liked it!

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