Vita's Vibe on Fitness #2 (Advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3151)

3 - 32 count patterns, all self reversable - All patterns for advanced exercisers. ****Explanations after all patterns. Have fun. Please email me with questions or comments. I'll be as in-depth as possible. All beginning with the right lead of course.

Combo 1

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

Repeat left lead

Combo 3

Ricochet - Right lead on count 1, right foot on the step, count 2 push off to the front of the step, body facing count 1, count 3 left foot touches down in front of the step, count 4, you are bringing the body back to count 1 position, count 5 left foot on the floor, count 6 right foot on the floor, count 7 & 8 one jack. Looks like this:

                             3 Left foot down (you are facing count 1)
                             2 In the air
                             4 In the air
                             1  Start point
                             6  Right foot on floor
                             5  Left foot on the floor     
                            7,8 One jack on the floor

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From: Fort Jackson, South Carolina (USA)
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