Superbowl Sunday

This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 3157)

While the cyclers are warming up, I describe the atmosphere and give details of what's about to take place (it's a must that everyone puts on their creative visualization thinking cap). Because they are about to take part in .... a football game..... yes, a football game and they are the two teams everyone has come to see play. The tape I use is Jock Jams (any volume...they all work out well because they all have cheers somewhere in them, and the cheering parts are what I use for either half-time or time-outs (breaks, no resistance))

I start by:

That's it! Members love this class - it's gets away from the flats, hill climbs, or breakaways....and the whole time I'm reffing the game they are working thru intervals but don't realize it because they are intent on listening to the plays of the game.

Lately, some members have been yelling out "interception" or "fumble" its will promote team environment which is great for the shy ones!!!

Let me know what you think. If you have any other ideas for something that can happen during the game, I would love to hear the cyclers love something new on game day!

A big THANKS to Lezlie Rodrigues! After reading her pattern The Wave it got my creative bug flowing and this is what I came up with!

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From: Chicopee, Massachusetts (USA)
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