Kim W's Sep 98 Double, NO TAPS

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 3160)

Steps are in a horizontal position, approximately 3 feet apart. The entire sequence has no taps, therefore the intensity will be higher than normal. Teach blocks with the taps, then take them out for the finished routine. The five blocks will take an entire class to teach. Explanations for unfamilar steps are at end. Enjoy and email for questions.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

You are now ready to take it from the top with a left lead.

Up lunge right, up lunge left--make sure they approach like a front basic, then turn and do one lunge, face front again and exit with a reverse basic with the opposite lead and repeat.

Knee volley--from inside of steps. Knee switch, knee switch back to start.

Inside loop: turnstep, switch steps, turnstep, switch steps (big circle).

2-Knee repeater, shuffle--2-knee repeater, step inside foot back one step on floor, then shuffle (or ski as some call it).

Windmill--starts where your shuffle ends. Knee hop turn to other side on step, in corner, knee hop back to where you started with opposite lead (no taps). Since you are switching after this step, have them complete the knee hop back (will go in a small circle) and just switch to the front step and head to the same end they started their windmill on (but on the other step), to start the next block (L-step).

Example: Right end of the back step in the center of both starts windmill. Start with right lead to hop to other side, come back with a hop starting on left lead back to where you started first hop, keep turning in a circle and switch to that front end (which in this case will be right end of front step facing front of room since windmill started on right end of back step)

Knees step-to-step--after the one 8-count L-step, step back like you were going to the other end to repeat the L, but instead do a knee lift off the end of that step (front step), then switch to back step and do a knee lift on that end and return to front step. Outside knees will be up, not inside.

Outside loop--Cross step longways (will start with front step), switch on floor (like an over top, turn on floor with no taps), cross top of back step and switch back to front step end.

2-Knee repeater, march X 4--after finishing outside loop, 2-knee repeat with outside knee, march X 4 on floor (two back away from step and two towards step so you are on left lead next to front step facing right wall).

Detour--Hop turn (no tap), start walking with outside foot X 4 to inside of back step (center of both steps), this will automatically put you on the left lead to repeat on back step if you don't tap. Hop turn on back step and walk with outside foot back to center of both (will now be on right lead).

Off-tempo mambo: Mambo on right step (counts 1-3), mambo on left step (counts 4-6), then jack in center to complete 8 count

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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