Clothesline Drill

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String a plastic clothesline or rope across the room at about chest height. Students duck under the rope by bending at the knees. Remind them to keep their eyes up toward their opponent! The second time through, add an upper cut with the arm that is on the same side as the rope (after they step under).

I stand at the end of the line with focus pads and take left-right combinations from the students for a few seconds as they exit the course. As your class becomes more confident with boxing basics, try extending your left hand (which is holding a focus pad) as if you were throwing a jab. This gives them a real sense of what is like to avoid a punch. The next step is to add a left hook after the duck. Jab-reverse-duck-hook, or left-right-duck-hook. Of course, the person holding the focus pads plays an important role in positioning the pads properly. The safety of the students is paramount. But with a little practice and your favorite music this drill is a hit!

Anytime your students are actually making contact they should wear hand wraps to protect their wrists and bag gloves. They love it! It makes them feel like they are headed to the ring.

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From: Wisconsin (USA)
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