TKO Aerobics

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 3185)

The first four combos are Shadow Boxing, the next four are kickboxing.

Step and Punch - from boxers stance (body turned slightly to side, feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed between 12 and 2:00 for a right handed boxer, back heel slightly elevated, pelvis tilted under, abs in tight, shoulders relaxed, arms in guard up position) - step forward and back, jab off front arm, punch (cross, hook or uppercut) off back arm, turning hips forward as you throw the punch off the back arm.

Repeater knee strikes - just like a repeater knee in step, but using correct kickboxing form for knee strikes.

Added by Trina Wright at 11:57 AM on Monday, September 14, 1998 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Martinez, California (USA)
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