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Combo 1

Repeat all with a left lead

Combo 2

Repeat all with left lead

Combo 3

Repeat all with left lead

Combo 4

Repeat all with left lead

Latin turnstep - it may have another name, I just made this name up.
Facing the front of the room, beginning at the right end of the step, step up right, then left, (a regular turn you face the side walls), but always face the front so that the hips have to rotate...then when you rock forward on count 5 your right foot will step forward beside the left side of the short end of the step, then the cha,cha,cha will change you to a left lead.

I start all my combos on the right lead, but since the 1st time you do the funky curb, rocking horse it's on a left lead, I broke it down using the left lead.

Funky curb step - left foot goes up on to the step on 1, right foot lifts up/down but stays in place on 2, left foot goes over to the front of the step to the floor on 3, right foot up/down again on 4, left foot goes back up to step on 5, right foot up/down again on 6 left foot comes back to beginning on 7, right foot up/down again on 8. For intensity, I tell my students to push their bottoms out with a flat back to work the large muscles. That's why I have them do this 3 times, they love anything that works their glutes!

Rocking horse - left lead step up left on 1, ham curl right on 2, right foot down on 3, lift left knee up on 4, left foot back on to step 5, ham curl right on 6, step down left, right 7, 8 and change lead leg. At a Petra Kobler workshop, she gave this intensity by taking the 1st ham curl over the top so that you stepped down in front of the step with the leg that ham curled, kind of like a hop turn but then returning back over the top in the direction you came on the 2nd ham curl.

Double kick, walk back 4x - I picked up from someone's pattern on turnstep (Thank you! My class loves it!) It's just a double kick repeater (I never cue it as a repeater, only double, I've had people say that the second they hear repeater they think 3!) When you walk back, stay beside the step so that you are walking back the length of the step. When I teach it, I just start at the top of the travel kicks again until I feel they're ready to add the turnsteps.

Slow Squat turn - regular turn, just hold each count for 2 and really squat that bottom out there for more glute work. I usually have them hold the 2 turnsteps, 1 slow squat turnstep, then 2 turnsteps, 1 slow again...then when I hear the phrase we go back to the top of the combo with alternating kicks starting on a left lead this time.

Rock forward on step, then the floor, then hip extention - I have no name for this...maybe a mambo L-step. I don't cue it as a mambo because I want them to differencate from the mambo cha cha move they just completed. It's a little tricky for some to catch, but good cueing will get them there and them they love it. I cue it 2 different ways (what some understand, others don't, so I'm big on trying 2 or 3 different ways until they get it!) The first way is I say "right rock forward (on the step), right rock back on the floor (this is what makes it like an L-step, because you rock off to the side) right hip extention or arabesque (still a right leg lead, it's the left leg that is extending to the back. Then I say switch to the left, the little pause for the extention gives a comfortable lead change, and I kind of swing the back leg over to get some intensity out of the move. Since all that is a mouthful, I shorten it to "everything right, right, right, switch to the left, left, left. I make a big production out of smacking the lead leg repeatedly so that they get it. After the last one, I give them a landmark to face so that we begin the step kick, over the top move with the correct lead to keep us alternating the legs.

Walk forward 2x, cha cha cha - for intensity I call the cha cha's 3 big knees and have them really lift them up. To start it I have them walk forward 4x and back. For beginners or people that can't cha cha I tell them to just do the 4 count walk up and back.

I know this is very long, but sometimes when I'm trying to figure out other peoples combos, I wish they would be more specific, I don't always understand where I'm suppose to be. I hope this is all clear, it is a really fun combo that my class has loved and you can really get some intensity if you hold some of the more intense moves for a drill to push that threshold to burn calories.

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