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  left xxxxxx right
Just a note of thanks to all who post patterns to this site. I have gotten some great ideas from here and just wanted to share a couple of mine :)

All patterns start on a right lead (unless otherwise noted)

Pattern A

Repeat with a left leg lead facing the back of the room

Pattern B

*Power leap - Start with a basic right, as left foot step up to the board, kick the right foot out, then step down right left. You can get some good air time with this one.

*Broadway knee - The same count as a corner to corner knee, but instead of taking the second knee to the other corner, walk backwards and lift the knee. It cues like this: Step knee (1,2) down, down (3,4) one step back (5) lift knee (6) two marches forward (7,8)

*Mambo straddle - This starts on top of the board after the slow tempo basic. Right foot forward on the board (1) left foot back on the board (2) right foot straddles to the back of the bench (3) left foot straddles the front of the bench (4) You should be facing the right wall with the board straddled between your legs.

*Repeater knee straddle to a 1/2 walk around - From the straddled position you will step right foot onto the board and do a three knee repeater into a straddle (1-8) then bring the left foot over to the back of the board (you are still facing the right wall) and start your march with the left foot to the front of the board (1-4) you will be facing the left wall now, ready to start with a left leg lead for your hamstring curl straddle.

It all seems confusing on paper, but it really works on and off the board. Try it, any questions please email me.

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