Let's go to the Movies

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4482)

This is a theme based choreography. It's based on the movies. So the moves aren't really put into any set choreography. You can use them as you see fit. I use Power Productions Movie Themes for this workout.

*I use a mid tempo tape to warm up class first.

Rocky: Basic Boxer Stance-right foot forward, left foot back, 8 right jabs; right jabs corner to corner; right double jabs corner to corner. Jump rope. Speed bag-arms circling light on toes. Reverse the combo to left side. End with the "Yo Adrianne!"-running or marching in a circle with arms over head.

Dr. No/James Bond Theme: Hustle up-on the tap you pose like Bond does at the beginning of every film with his gun, hustle back-pose again like Bond. Grapevine with a side Karate kick and chop to the bad guys.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Rocking horse-right knee up, left hamstring back 8x. Rocking horse-left knee up, right hamstring back 8x. Crack that whip- step touch with arms whipping across the body. Dodging the poison darts- diagonal hustle to right corner, diagonal hustle to left corner (keep it low to avoid those darts). Go back the same way.

Halloween: V-Stab- V-step right (right foot out, left foot out, right foot in, left foot in) with arms stabbing right with right foot, arms stabbing left with left foot. Switch lead foots, V-stab with left leads. Run for you Life-hustle to right wall, then hustle to left wall.

E.T.: I really don't have anything special for ET. I just do a simple double grapevine with a square (hustle up, step touch 2, hustle back, step touch 2).

Star Trek: Capt. Kirk Salute- a grapevine with left hand at salute and right arm out to side, shoulder height, reverse the hands when grapevine left. Klingon Mambo-4 mambos right, 4 mambo left. Capt's Chair: Double squat right uptempo with arms out in front like resting on a chair, switch left. Beam Me Up- pony side to side with arms waving in front of body.

Chariots of Fire: 3 slow hamstring curls with grapevine, switch sides. Finish Line: lunge back right and left with arms pushing overhead like you are crossing a finish line.

Batman: Bat Wings-step touches with arms going to the side like a bat. Cloaked Mambo- mambo cha-cha right and left, with mambo same arm as mambo leg comes across the body like you have a cape, on the cha cha you open your cape up. Climbing up the Wall-hustle up with knee up-as you hustle pull the rope to get you going forward and back.

Back to the Future: Hoverboard McFly-Right foot forward, left foot back- hop and switch position (this also involves the body switching sides). Low impact version- right foot goes forward and back (kind of a mambo at an angle) 8x, then switch to left foot. "McFly"-step touch with arms up and everyone knocking their fists saying "McFly".. Skateboard McFly-grapevine with 2 lunges-on lunges push off the foot, like your skateboarding, reverse to left.

Hope that makes some sense to ya. This is such a fun class to do. Everyone knows the themes and seems to have a great time "acting" out the movies.

This is such a great workout, but requires little instruction on your part. Tell the class to enjoy the Show and Pass the Popcorn!

Robin aka The Terminator

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