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Happy Easter!

I hope you liked Mortal Kombat Kinda eh. Here is Tool Box system you can make up your own moves with.

First Quick Fix:
Want to add on to someone else's moves with your own?

NEXT A Total Class:

Warm up: reconstruct someone elses combo or add your own (16)

2 Things important: 1. make sure all muscles used for kickbox are plenty warm and 2. try to put in your warm up, stuff you will use later. i.e. torso twists, bob & weave etc.

Stationary Boxing: (what you do on one side do on the other)

Front Facing Boxing: I call it this because it is neither Orthodox nor Southpaw but just feet pointing forward shoulder width apart and wide open. Boy you can mix it up this way.

Now in no time you have enough for a whole class, iether using portions of your old class or combos from someone else and Quick fixing.

1 more option instead of having sections like I've showed you, mix the sections together with a progession and flow.

1 combo Stationary boxing then Cardio combo then a Front facing combo then a Kickbox combo etc.

Remember safety first and Goodboxerseyes. Keep submitting patterns and talk with you on the email.

Added by Ted Ducharme at 11:17 AM on Sunday, April 4, 1999 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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