Zig zag (double horizontal)

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4500)

2 Benches horizontal/start on left bench **** ****

Pattern #1

(Repeat starting with left lead)

Pattern #2

(Repeat starting with left lead)

Pattern #3

(Repeat starting with left lead)

Once you have gone over these 3 patterns you can turn it into 1 long fun pattern by doing one of each. It ends up evening out on both lead legs. Example:

It works!! Try this concept with any 3 patterns single or double step.


*Zig zag: Start facing the back wall right corner and do 4 cha cha chas around the bench. FUN HUH!!!

**Turn double lunge: turnstep but don't get off, lunge back with the right leg twice, then get off.

***Up up heel down down jack: this takes you from one side to the other vertically. Just how it sounds: get up on the bench do two heel little bouncy hops on top (facing the side wall) get off on the other side and do a jack.

(These are explained on the right lead of course you would apply these to the left lead by doing the opposite)

Have fun!!! Lynette

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