Tapless In Vegas - Vertical #1 - Warm Up & Block 1

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4504)

Hi there step brothers and sisters! I'm back from a great week of powder skiing in Utah. :) It's time to go Vertical! I do the vertical thing every 3 months for a couple weeks. It's always a challenge at first, but after a few times the class just loves the feel of it.

I've observed that when we go back to horizontal, the class seems to demonstrate an increased sense of ownership of more of the step and surrounding floor area. Going Vertical is a great way to give your class (and YOU) a break from the usual.

I'm going to give you an entire class (8 blocks), in installments, warm up through cool down. Each pattern will flow perfectly into the next. You can repeat each block twice or, if you like, you can do them back-to-back. Either way you will end up on the other lead as you take it "From the Top".

Best to use this stuff with a fairly advanced group, but you can teach it to anyone.

Step is vertical, "Home" is facing North at the end of the step. I'll use the map directions N.E.S.W. They remain constant regardless of your orientation to the step. The Warm-up and Block One begin from the Home position. Most of the patterns begin at the corner, as in where you would initiate a turnstep. There are absolutely no taps, (and no "hidden" taps either). It's all foot-to-foot "logical" movement. (MY logic, anyway...) So let's do it!

Warm Up

This is a 16 count pattern that you can repeat over and over until secure. A syncopated over-the-top move. "up-up-down-rock back". (one-and-two-three-four). Arms do a "wave" as well. Rather than get everyone dizzy, you could teach the sidewinder (I've heard it called a weave also), and the wave before adding in the turn straddles.

Add in your own dynamic stretch moves when the time is right. Just make sure you end up at Home, ready for the 1/2 X. By the way, an "X" is 2 basics that move forward then back, with arms to compliment, in-in-up-up-in-in-down-down.

Block One A. (32 counts with a lead change)

Right lead, Home position.

Knee off down-down, out-in up-up; (8)
You are at Home. You're now leading left. (1-2) Left foot to step, right knee lifts as you move towards the East. (3-4) Down-down right-left on the East side floor. (5-6) Right foot steps wide on the floor and pulls back in next to left foot. (7-8) Step up-up left-right.

Repeater 2 / knee hop; (8)
From the top, facing north at South end. A 2'Peter with a hop knee down-down left-right, finishing at home.

After this 32 count pattern you have a lead change. My strategy is to create a 64 count pattern as my First Block; the first 32 counts gives me a lead change, and the second 32 counts does NOT, so I preserve the lead change AND finish the 64 count phrase (I call it a "superphrase"). This way I can ALWAYS go 'from the top' at the TOP of the superphrase and get the energy kick from the music.

Block One B. (32 counts, no lead change)

Left lead, Home position or slightly towards the corner. Repeat the 16 count pattern twice, one on each lead.

*Turning basic; (4)
This is a basic (up-up-down-down) that moves from one end of the step to the other, like a turnstep, but has no tap. You end up facing South at the North end. It's identical to a turn straddle but you finish at the END of the step rather than astride the step.

Curl & kick; (4)
You are facing South. Step-ham curl, floor-kick, with a rocking motion front/back.

Hop Turn down-down / mambo; (8)
Hop turn the length of the step (4), then push the step and rock back (4).

This 32 count pattern can be repeated over and over as well (but watch for the dizzies). When the time is right put 1A. and 1B. together for a 64 count block that gives you a lead change and keeps you on the "superphrase", feeding off that musical energy.

Work through these 2 patterns until they flow. Get used to the broken phrasing because each pattern to follow will have that element. In a couple days I'll submit the next 2 blocks. I'm deliberately spoon feeding this stuff so you can break yourself in easily. Once you have the whole routine, you're going to love the way you move around the step and the intensity you can generate.

Explore the possibilities. Break out of the same-old. Your class will love you for it! E me if anything is unclear. Share your tapless ideas with me! :)

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