Tapless In Vegas - Vertical #2

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4532)

Step is vertical (of course). "Home" is facing the step lengthwise. I'll use the map directions North, South, East, and West and they remain constant regardless of your orientation to the step. Self-reversing. 100% Tapless.

Following are two more 32 count blocks to add to the warm-up and first block as described in Vertical #1 from a few days ago. (Note, I've already made a change in the warm-up to get a better flow. I'll describe it at the end of this submission).

Block Two

Right lead, from Home position.

Knee straddle walk:

Diagonal (tapless):
You are at the Northwest corner, facing south. Left lead.

Repeater leap-over:
A repeater with a foot-to-foot leap and an external rotation that puts you on the other side of the step facing the other direction. You are at the Northwest corner again, facing South (the back of the room). Left lead.

Left lead, from East side.

You can execute this move with or without the lifts for more or less intensity and bounce.

Block three

Abduct repeater with a side kick:
Right lead, West side of step, close to home.
A repeater with leg lifting to side (arms pushing way up as leg lifts.) On count #7, left foot to floor to get grounded for the kick. On count #8, right foot kicks out to the side, karate style. You've got to make a body adjustment and tighten your core to get a strong, balanced kick and be ready to move again on the same lead.

Skip & straddle:
Right lead, West side of step, close to home.
Step-skip, step-skip, step-skip, straddle down. You can do this many different ways. With a really high skilled group you could let the legs swing out to the sides like a pendulum as the arms push up. (Requires A LOT of balance skill). OR you could give 'em a break after that huge repeater and skip forward then backward on the step. Remember to finish in a straddle.

Box & Up:
Left lead, from astride, close to home end of step.
You walk forward on the step, down-down, back-back, and up-up.

I call it the Box because I want it to have a feel of wrapping a box with something stretchy. You have to "pull-pull" on the two steps back on the floor like you're wrapping that box. Works for me.... The sticky spot in this move is keeping people on the floor for those steps back. They will not do it naturally. You've got to cue it heavily!

Speed repeater & straddle:
You can use any repeater you like. I'm using this one because I want something high powered at this point. The cue could be "switch-switch-switch-switch-switch-knee-straddle down". If you need more explanation on that please email me.

I said I would describe the changes I've made to the vertical warm-up I submitted. It's actually completely different. Goes like this:


2 Basics that move forward then back creating an X pattern. The arms compliment the feet; in-in-up-up-in-in-down-down.

Horse & straddle:
"Step-knee, step-knee, step-knee, straddle down". All three step-knees are done on top of the step. On the second one you step forward to the North end of the step as you turn your body to face the side wall. You turn back to facing forward on the third step-knee, then straddle down.
Arms are making big arcs from side to side as the knees lift. (I call it a horse because it's like getting on a big horse (or walking carefully through a pasture where horses have been! HA HA!))

Repeater 4 & walk:
I use a combo repeater for its multi joint benefit; knee-abduct-curl-extend, then step down moving backwards walking back and around on the floor (4 counts) to the other side of the step near home.

Score & straddle:
From the floor after you've walked out of the repeater 4.
Hop onto the step and do a big soccer kick (inner thigh lifting, arms pulling down toward the side) and finish in a straddle. You're ready to launch into the X and take it from the top. And you've done hip flection, abduction, adduction, extension, and a hamstring curl. Wooopeee!

Hope this vertical stuff adds to your variety. I'll submit another two blocks in a couple of days, then two more, and a cool down. Enjoy! Send me your own tapless moves. I love to share!

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From: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
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