Tapless In Vegas - Vertical #3

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4562)

Step is vertical. Home is facing lengthwise behind the step. I'll use the map directions North, South, East, West. They will not change regardless of your orientation to the step. All patterns are 32 count and are self-reversing.

These patterns are designed for an intermediate to advanced group. 100% tapless.

Add these next two blocks to the ones I've already submitted in Vertical #1, and Vertical #2. There will be two more submissions of vertical choreography before I've given you the entire routine I'm using right now.

The feedback from my classes is that this is quite a vigorous workout. Enjoy! If you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to ask.

Block Four

Right lead; from the southwest corner, near home. In this block you're using the step both vertically and horizontally. You're everywhere on the step. Very cool.

Peg leg around the corner:
Right lead, beginning facing South at the southeast corner.

All the while you're moving around the corner so you finish the move at the southwest corner where you began the hop turn. You can get a lot of lift with this move without a lot of joint stress.

The next 16 counts consists of what I call a broken phrase because it goes 4-8-4 and feels 'wrong' until the end of the phrase. You can teach each part separately then put them together. The kick & straddles are self explanitory. The first one moves you forward for the L pump and the second one moves you back to home.

L Pump & Straddle:
(I call it the L PUMP because of the big time knee bends and the arms pumping up and down). Left lead, from astride at the north end of the step.

Block Five

Breakdown: The optional "Crazy" repeaters are where you touch down on either side of the step before straddling down.

An over-the-top without a tap. 4 counts.

Charleston ski:
Left lead from east side of step.

You finish this move with both feet on the floor, right foot forward and left foot back, ready for a left lead.

Kick straddle & wave:
Left lead from the east side of step.

A SYNCOPATED over-the-top, "OneANDtwo-three-four".

You finish this move at the southeast corner, near home.

There's one more block to be submitted and a cool down pattern that we're really enjoying. Look for these in a few days. Let me know if I can clarify anything. You know how hard it is to translate movement onto paper and then again into movement. Email me with your own tapless patterns. I love to share!

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From: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
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