The STEP Connection

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4574)

Horizontal step position--these are advance moves some stolen some made up some a little of both--Enjoy!

Block 1

Repeat left side

Inverse V is actually steping up narrow and step down wide.
Hop in out and hold is a single single double hop.
Alternating glutes are self explanatory: over the top- start to do an over the top but turn when you get to the back of the step and continue to go over and then tap when you are on the eighth count with the left leg.

Block 2

Repeat left side

Step knee out out in knee: step up with right, lift left knee, step wide with the left, step wide with the right, step in with the left, lift the right knee step down down.
Alternating hamstring helicopter: alternate your hamstrings over the top of the step.
Turn straddle-reverse turn straddle: this is 1/2 of a turnstep and 1/2 of a straddle to finish four counts so begin the turn right up left up and then straddle right down left down--on the reverse turnstep right up facing the back left up and straddle right down and straddle left down--go directly into the L-step.

Block 3

Repeat left side

Step right, lift left knee twice (repeater), hop down left and circle around 4 counts 5-6-7-8.
Knee back: lift the knee back as if you where finishing an L-step.
Step touch and turn: after you get back from the knee back turn the left leg toward the right and step and touch and turn toward the left and step and touch around the corner of the bench to the backside of the bench.
Over the top: self explanatory.
Hop over the bench right leg and then stay on that side of the bench and hop to the left. Again go over the top and hop over the bench left leg and stay on that side of the bench and then hop to the right. You will end with the left foot in the air ready to start on the left side.

Block 4

Repeat left side

Kick to the left corner: go over the top diagonally to the left far corner: step touch with turn facing the right side of the room: walk around the step to the end of the far right corner: three grapevines facing the mirror and one turnstep at the end of the last grapevine facing away from the mirror.

Block 5

Repeat left side

Mambo cha cha: cross right leg over the left leg and step ball change to the other side
Cha cha or step ball change 4x around the bench: make these moves big and travel as much as you can to get back around the step in 8 counts.
Repeater scissor: step knee and scissor high impact on the floor for four counts--basically if you get lost just do a 3 knee repeater.
Over the top: self explanatory
Walk back over the top: just forget to tap so you can mambo left and repeat the sequence on the left lead.

Block 6

Step up up with a right lead do 1 jumping jack, lunge right - left - right (add turns with each lunge for the advanced) step down down left lead--do a basic step left lead (do a turning basic over the step for advanced) do two V-steps left lead: one V-step on the step one facing the back on the floor, then do two alternating knees with or without turns depending on how dizzy you like to get!

Some of these moves are very advance and can be modified, if you would like to know more about modifications please email me. There is a lot of hopping in the industry off the bench on to the floor which is very controversial. So for example if you do the L-step double knee repeater hop turn--you can modify it by doing the double knee repeater off the left side and stepping down first doing a step touch left and right and then take the knee back to finish the L-step or do two jumping jack in place of the hops once you step down off the bench. Hopping up onto the bench actually takes away some of the shock of the bounce, but hoping down really can cause back pain, leg pain and sciatica--so use all the choreography you get with caution try them out first and make sure the moves are save and efficient--not just hard and complex and advance--that makes it fun--but it can also lead to lots of injuries. Just FYI.

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