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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4593)

Hi, back again but this time I brought a friend. You wouldn't believe it but this girl taught my class after only attending a few classes and training in my basement a few times, all I had to do was coach during the classes.

Thank you for the email. I very much enjoy corresponding with other instructors throughout Canada and the U.S. etc. There is much to share of common interests, goals and about how "BoxAerobics" affects all of us.

There is much to learn from each other so keep submitting your choreography!


Combo # 1. "Jumping Jack Flash"

Alternative: double each movement and repeat x 2 (32)

Combo # 2 add on to # 1 "Bust the door down"

Alternative: double each movement and repeat x 2 (32)

"Funny the door wasn't locked"


Back to the TOP, combine both combinations either:
1. with alternatives or without or
2. reconstructing it to suit you.

Combo # 3 "Looks familiar"

see note at bottom of page after. NEXT: Back to the TOP and combine combinations 1/2/3 together.
  1. Jumping jack (2), side kick right (2), jumping jack (2), side kick left (2),
  2. Elbow strike right (2), front kick right (2), elbow strike left (2), front kick left (2), (16).
  3. Right knee smash x 2 (4), side kick right (2), left cross punch (2), left knee smash x 2 (4), side kick left (2), right cross punch (2), (16)
Total (32)
- from here you can repeat each combo independently or repeat the last combination. There is enough material here for 1 song.

TAKE NOTE: all moves done in any type of aerobic activity do have an origin but who says just because you made it up, that someone just on the other side of your city, or even in another country hasn't already been doing it. Because you made it up yourself doesn't mean you have originated it. Therefore no one person holds exclusive rights to any movement of any kind. ............Remember Good boxerseyes.

Added by Ted Ducharme and Jennifer Van Voorn at 9:15 AM on Friday, April 16, 1999 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
(Email: tjducharme@odyssey.on.ca)
From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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