Kim W's Triple Step Option, Apr 99

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 4600)

Steps are in a vertical position, approximately 4 feet apart. Ensure you leave two steps on the end of the row for the last individual. For the purposes of this routine, I will name the steps #1, #2, and #3 starting from the left step. Start is behind #1, left lead. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

You are now ready to begin from Block #1 on the #3 step with a right lead.

Straddle-shuffle turnstep:
Left foot to step, right knee up and straddle the step. With right foot go like you were going to do a turnstep on the left side of the step with a right lead and instead of a regular turnstep, do a shuffle turnstep. You will end up facing back of room with #1 step to your left, ready for the next move.

Take a hike:
With a left lead, take two big steps forward on floor heading around end of step to the #2 step. After two steps, do a shuffle on the floor (still moving to #2 step), this will change leads so that you are on the right lead ready to do the next move.

Inside loop:
Turnstep with right lead, switch steps, turnstep with right lead again, switch steps and end up back where you started (big circle).

Knee-lunge-run repeater:
Do a 2-knee repeater, when last knee comes down, lunge left foot on floor. After lunge, run X 3 quickly (starting with lunged foot) while turning to other corner. You are then in position to kick (next move, facing back of room). Counts: left foot up (1), right knee up (2), right foot down (3), right foot up (4), right foot down (5), left leg lunges left on floor (6), run left-right-left (7-8).

Hamstring volley:
Hamstring curl on #3 step, switch to #2, hamstring curl and switch back to #3 where you started.

2-knees on top:
Step knee, step knee, moving forward on step (all on top--towards opposite corner). Has a slight rhythym change, whereas the step knees are 4 counts total on step before you exit to the side. You can replace the hop back X 1 with a jack back.

Figure 8 all the way:
You will be on right side of #2 step. Do a hop turn towards #1, switch steps and do another hop turn on #1 so that you are on the left side of #1 and the step is to your right.

4-Count turn around end:
Instead of marching another 4 counts so you are facing the #1 step towards left wall, do a turn around end. When you have them march X 4 forward have them clear the bench end by quite a bit so they have room to turn around. March right-left-right-left, then take right foot and step to the side wide, turn towards left shoulder and step left foot wide towards left shoulder again, then right, then left again, moving in a circle. You will end up facing #1 (longways), with #2 behind you towards left wall.

After finishing basic, jump side to side (width of step longways), you will ski three ending up opposite of where you started and hold the last ski for the 7-8 count. Example: Basic right (4), ski to left (5), ski to right (6), ski to left (7-8).

Hoppin' L-Step:
This one is fun! You will already be ready to do a L-step off the left end (still facing #1 step and left wall) after you finish the 3rd ski. Right foot up, left knee off end, turn towards end of step (front of room), hop on left foot X 2 (right knee up), step back with right foot hopping twice (left knee up--moving away from step end), step left foot forward hopping twice (going back to step end), turn as if you were going to take a knee back to finish a regular L-step, put right foot on step, left knee up and step back, put left foot on floor wide (in between #1 and #2 step facing front of room), right foot steps towards right and you turn to right shoulder so that you are ready to go over the top of #2 longways with a left lead (no taps here)-- email if confused, this is a great step!

Skip repeater:
From a side approach. Left foot on step, right knee up, right foot goes down on top of step as if you were doing a corner to corner (move towards corner of step), left knee comes up (still on top), left foot steps back (still on top), right knee comes up, exits off side, left foot joins it (you're back where you started from). Add a skip with the knee lifts and you have a skip repeater. Instead of taking this off the side, take that right knee and come off the end and join it with the left foot and you are ready to do a right basic from Block #1 to start routine from #3 step.

Hope this wasn't too confusing for you. A great routine, moves a lot and my students just loved it. Don't hesitate to email me if some of the explanations confused you!

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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