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I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do on Monday so my class and I made this up together. They told me their favorite moves and then I put them together. I used it all week and every class loved it. I put in effort intervals for the step challenge class and they were challenged!

Combo 1

Repeat on other lead (effort interval - repeaters any way you want)

Combo 2

Repeat on other lead (effort interval - across the top)

Combo 3

Repeat on other lead (effort interval - 2 jacks 1 plyo squat)

Combo 4

Repeat on other lead (effort interval - lunges)

Combo 5

Repeat on other lead (effort interval - charlestons)

Effort intervals last about 60 - 90 seconds. On Combos 1 and 3 I put the effort intervals and the end of the combo after we had practiced it a few times. The other intervals came in the middle of the combo where the move was. Example: on the last time I practiced Combo 2 when I got to across the top we kept going across the top for about 70 seconds then when I heard the top of the musical phrase I counted down 7 more across the tops and then we finished with the basic L. Be sure to put in at least 32 counts of recovery time after an effort interval. I usually use alternating ham curls for recovery.

Hope you like this!

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From: Columbia, South Carolina (USA)
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