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Hi Ted here.

You'll need to go back to Boxercise Program #1, my first submission under Boxaerobics to see my original format to understand what I mean by Technical Punching (it's part of the Technical Warm up, which follows the initial warm up)

All combinations start in Orthodox boxing stance (left lead, right is the power side) then when indicated change to the southpaw boxing stance (right lead, left side is the power side).

Combo 1: jab

Repeat last move as often as you see fit.

Combo 2: power punch

(straight punch from power side) Again repeat as often as you see fit.

Here change from orthodox to southpaw and repeat combo 1 and 2.

Combo 3: lead hook and power hook

Here change from orthodox to southpaw and repeat combo 3.

Combo 4: uppercuts

This is similar to the Clothesline drill (see submission) except without the rope to slip under.

Repeat advancing and retreating x 4 (32), (this will be tricky).

Here change from the orthodox to southpaw and repeat combo 4.

This will take a couple of songs at least to accomplish don't forget if something doesn't suit you, reconstruct it. Have fun with a new way or Technical Punching. More suited to a class with many regulars because beginners will need time to develop hooks and uppercuts.

........Remember Goodboxerseyes

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From: St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
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