The Step Connection Too

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4634)

Horizontal step, right lead starting stance.

Block 1

Repeat left side

Block 2

Repeat left side

Block 3

Repeat left side

Block 4

Repeat left side

Block 5

Repeat left side


V-step squat--step right wide step left wide and then squat on top X 2
=2 counts and then step down right then step down left.

L-step reverse hop turn straddle--begin your regular L-step but when you bring your knee up to come back hop and turn slightly backwards in order to straddle down right then left--then you can helicopter or lift the hamstring over the top of the step to finish with a jump shot.

L-step with double knee repeater---do two repeater knees off the side of your step come down out wide with left leg and jack in out in.

Basic up and jack--start a basic step --left leg up right leg up and then do a jumping jack and stay up there for the next move--which is lunging left and right and finish stepping down into a step touch.

Three knee up one knee down---Alternate your knees facing front on top of the step--ie. step right lift left knee step wide left and lift right knee step wide right and lift left knee adding a hop-turn and then step down on the floor facing east side of step with left leg and lift right knee--this prepares you to go over the step facing east or left side of the room.

One knee up one knee down--right leg up on the step and lift left knee and march down left then right facing east side, then step left moving backwards on the floor and lift the right knee up and then march right then left.

Shuffle on the floor--step ball change right left right turning facing the back of the room and step left leg behind right leg like a backwards mambo this sets you up at the end of the left side of the bench ready to start a turnstep on the left leg.

Repeater sprinter--step right lift left knee and fast shuffle straddle on the floor (step wide left right left also known as a step ball change) and then step up right and lift the left knee up and step down to the left and tap the right leg.

Hope you enjoy and can translate--email me if you have any questions with routine--as always please experiment on your own before you try in class to make sure all your transitions flow and you feel comfortable and safe.

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