Kickboxing in Savannah

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Hi, I hope you enjoy this pattern. If you have questions/comments, please feel free to email.

32 counts.
Start in side stance with right foot/leg forward; left back; weight centered between both legs. Remember to tell your students to keep elbows close to rib-cage for protection. (for self defense)

Repeat again on right then left for 32 counts.

32 counts.

This is a good strengthening combo for lower body; remind students to keep abs contracted to support low back.

32 counts.

Repeat on both sides again for a 32 count combo


If you have questions please email, I will be happy to correspond with you.

I have instructing kickboxing classes for over one year now, and I still absolutely love it! My students are just as dedicated as I am. We have all come a long way with kickboxing, as instructors, and I see it getting better. We need to remember that safety to our students is "A-number-one". We cannot compromise good form and/or safety precautions for a faster tempo, because of the thrill of speed etc... Keep it safe and effective and your students will come back for many years to come, achieving the results they've desired.

Keep up the good work!

Andrea Rahn
AFAA Certified Instructor/Aeorobic Coordinator
Cory Everson's Aerobic & Fitness for Women
Savannah, Ga.

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From: Savannah, Georgia (USA)
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