Tapless in Vegas - Return to Horizontal #4

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4662)

32 Count, self-reversing, tapless, horizontal. Map directions in effect; home position is behind step facing north. North, south, east, and west remain constant regardless of your orientation to the step. These moves are designed for an intermediate to advanced group that's familiar with tapless choreography. I provide a lot of repetition as I build things up for my people, giving them a chance to establish motor patterns before adding on. Many thanks to Kathy Z Grant from whom I've borrowed with great pleasure, and many others of you who have been so generous with your ideas. Thank you!

Block 1A. (32 counts with a lead change)

Jog & slide:

Walk off / kick back:

Block 1B. (32 counts with NO lead change)

Repeat for another 16 counts. (16)

3 Count knee lifts / rock wide:

Peg leg around the corner / rock back:
Left foot to the step, right foot to the floor; up-down-up-down-up-down-rock back (as you move around the corner and toward the northwest corner. Repeat the 3 count knees and the peg leg around to get back to the east corner for Block 2). I think this is pretty self explanitory. (Of course, I know exactly what I mean!) If it's unclear let me know.

Block Two

Repeater 2 / walk back / walk front:
Repeater 2 (for 4 counts), walk back 2 steps, then front 2 steps.


Charleston ski:

Run around the corner:
With right foot on the step and left foot on the floor, run up-down-up-down, around the corner. Finish on the north side of the step at the northwest corner, facing east.

Basic over:
A basic in reverse; up-up-down-down, facing north. Finish at the west corner on the home side.

Block Three

Mambomambo & up: Alternating lunge x3 down-down:
Facing west, from the top of the step, lunge right-left-right, then down-down home left-right.

4 Square:

4 Square goes step-knee, step-knee, down-knee, down-knee. You could also think of it as a slow motion reverse turn with knees lifting.

Skip Touch:
I start this out on top of the step, but you could start on the floor if you'd rather. Step/skip, step/skip, step/skip, step/skip. Then I add in step/skip, tap wide/skip, DOWN/skip, tap wide/skip.

You can keep this going as long as you need to establish the motor pattern. Get them to really lift up on those hops!

I'll submit the last three blocks of this routine in a few days. Email me with any questions or if you have tapless choreography to share with me!

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