Killer Pyramids

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 4669)

Pick 4 or more aerobic moves. I like to pick 4 exercises, that move the H20 in different directions or use different variables, such as suspended, rebounding, speed -work, etc...


Getting started:
Introduce the high knee jog for 30 seconds, easy, tell students that every time they hear this exercise repeated it is "ALL OUT".

Repeat high knee jog, now for 1 minute - all out

Add 30 seconds, easy, of suspended jumping jacks.

Repeat high knee jog, plus suspended jumping jacks, each 1 minute- all out

Add rebounding jump ropes, easy, 30 seconds.

Repeat jog, suspended jacks, & jump ropes, each 1 minute- all out!

Add straight leg kicks out in front (stress good posture, with this long-lever movement), easy, 30 seconds.

Finally, 1 full minute of each exercise:

I have done this pyramid, building exercise with aerobic exercises, exclusively for arms with bouyant or resistive equipment and exclusively for legs. It is your choice which areas need targeting.

These intervals may need adjusting for your class, also. Remember at the top of the pyramid, in my example, it is a full 4 minutes of high aerobic activity. This may be too much or too little for your class, so adjust accordingly.

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