This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 4684)

____________   (3 feet)  ______________
    One                      Three
____________   (3 feet)  ______________

    Two                      Four

Start behind step one. You may want to use other names. First are fillers to use between combinations. This is can be called turn around the world. Repeat left lead.

Starting on one right lead.

Repeat left lead.

Starting on one right lead.

** Turn ping-pong 3x right lead turn on one, right lead turn on two. On one right turn. The turns can vary depending on your combos.

** Kick ping-pong 3x right lead on one kick, left lead on two kick, right lead on one kick. This also can be as many as you want.

** Knees zig-zag. Facing all four steps. Starting on three. Right lead on three, step knee travel to four, left lead step knee, travel to home right lead step knee, travel to two left lead step knee.

** Turn corkscrew, also called turn double diagonal. Start left foot on home. Step up counts 1,2 step down turn on the floor counts 3,4. You should be at step four left lead. On step four turnstep. This can also be reversed from right lead on step three to step two.

** Turnstep double. Starting on one left turn towards step three, left foot turn on three.

If you have any questions please email me. My class loved these. We started with double step and built our way up to quad. So it was about a month transition to get them used to me. The terminology above is how I que the combinations. I try to stay away from naming the steps and use lead cues and stress double.

Note to Laurie.....Yes it's me. I tried to return your message but the letter was returned.. Please resend your address. Take care. T

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