Up Jack and Lunge Back

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4689)

These are two fun combos that you can use together or just add on to something else. Not recommended for beginners... Bench is horizontal.

Block One

Repeat left

Block Two

Repeat left

*Basic straddle, then basic exit facing front

**Step up right and lift left knee (1,2) Keep the right foot on the bench and quick tap the left toe on the floor 3 time (3,4,5) lift the left knee and exit just like a regular repeater.

***From the straddle position- keep the left foot on the floor and kick the right leg over the bench your body will do a little 1/4 turn (1,2) then do one jack.

**** A sunburst is just a power run basic step, but slightly kick the left leg out to the side as you are exiting the bench, arms make a big circle. If you don't want to do the sunburst you can substitute 2 basics.

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