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Hi again:

I had many requests for more "stuff" for a bootcamp class. I try to vary it and a lot of my stuff comes from ideas from all of you. For speed and coordination..

Use a taped pattern on the floor in the "shape of a ladder" and run them through "sprints" using an in/in out/out pattern. Then have them face the side of the "ladder" and run right foot over left in front-left foot lands and this time right foot goes behind left...the pattern is called kareoke. From there, go into plyometric squats using each space (ie. left leg in space, right leg outside of ladder...squat low...discharge and go to opposite side...right leg in ladder left out).

Remember, speed and agility are a progressive thing. Then I run them over hurdles, using whatever you can find..I have hurdles but you can use steps of different heights. You can use hoola hoops strategically placed for agility/coordination drills, as well as cones and ropes. I will stack 2 steps parellel on about 10 risers (II) and place a 45 pound bench bar across them. The participant will lay underneath (between steps) and try to pull body weight (both grips). At first, they can bend knees and use legs a bit, but the more the legs are straight, the harder it is. Because core stabilizers are used (abs, obiliques and back) they need to be a bit more advanced. I do pyramid push ups and have 8 different patterns. Static "hold ups" are a good beginner. I try to get 4 "regular" then 8 serratus (one hand up on the step, one hand on floor) on each side of the step, then 16 using legs on the step, hands on floor (how far they are off the step depends on level of fitness) then pyramid back down. I then bring it to another aerobic interval- maybe lateral sprints, sometimes using resistance bands. I might have them come to the middle area and do a shadow session of jacks and jabs, alternating, or have them sprint then jog backwards (good for heel cord tightness). I do use jump ropes but find if your coordination with a rope is lacking you lose 1/2 the intended workout. They "love" pulling themselves with skateboards (on carpet) or towels (on hardwood)! NOT! Lastly we do dips..usually standard, then right leg on left knee...change sides and then lat dips...with arms spread wider apart (not for those with any shoulder injury or involvement).

I think stretching is imperative and a much neglected component of fitness, so we go overtime to stretch. If you want particulars, email me.

I have an outdoor honest-to-goodness bootcamp trail I am starting soon. Email me for ideas. And I love to hear what works for you in your classes.



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