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I am a fairly new instructor (4 months) to power pacing and absolutely love it! I just spent some time searching the patterns for some ideas, and I thought that I would submit a couple of chunks from classes that I have used and have gotten rave reviews on.....

Theme #1 - Food - all that evil.....

My particular group is a group that LOVES to eat. So I decided one day if we are going to discuss all the evil things about food, that we would simulate it on the bike. How? Each person has an opportunity to pick his/her favourite dish/thing to eat. Depending on how evil it is (ie: MacDonalds vs. low fat stir fry) is dependent upon how much tension you have on the bike. A low fat stir fry would be a fast hammer. A MacDonald's Big Mac Meal with fries and a shake of some sort would be a steep hill climb, with as much tension as you can take (individualized for each person's fitness level) standing up. They love when I do this. Each person gets a minute, and 30 second recovery time between people, as my group loves to chat between dishes. This gets the whole class participating, and they love the interaction that this theme provides.

Theme #2 - Eco-Challenge from Morocco.....

For all you Discovery Channel fans out there, this is where this theme comes from. The Eco Challenge is a 10 day race through hell (not literally, but feels like it when you are done). Racers race on camels, kayaks, horses, mountain climb, scale down mountains, and race on bikes. It is a 10 day personal hell of sorts. Anyways, I simulate that last day of the trip, which is the bike portion. I set the scene by telling them that they have just raced 9 hard days - they have hiked the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, they have kayaked 100 miles in white cap waters, and rode on a horse that was not very cooperative. They are dog tired. They trade their horse in for a bike. They start pedalling, and they are off. Just after they get going, there is a steep, steep climb. As much tension as they can take and bike up the first leg of the bike race. I do that for 30 - 45 seconds, depending on how they are doing. There is a mountain side on your right, and a 3000 foot drop off your left, and the bike path is about 1 foot wide. That is it. Up the hill they go. I give them a quick break at the top, and let them hammer down the hill, for 15 seconds or so. Then up another hill again, the Atlas Mountain Terrain. From there, I vary the tension on the climbs and vary the lengths of the hammers. I usually do this theme last, to simulate how tired the actual racers are at the time of the race. If you want any further information about how I came up with the drill or want more descriptions about Morocco and the terrain I use, email me. I could be here all night inputing the information. I am sure you get the just of things.

Theme #3 - Your Country's Terrain.....

Another theme I use regularly is the terrain that my country, Canada, is made up of. I live in Regina, which is on the Prairies (no igloos here!). We start out on our Highway #1 (which is equilivant of the US Interstates) and head west, towards Vancouver. Prairies are flat, we do a hammer, for about 1 minute. On the way to Vancouver, there is a city called Medicine Hat, Alberta, that has a couple of hills you must do in order to pass throught the city. We simulate the hills. Back to the flat Prairie again. Hammer it out again for another minute or so, unless we get talking about food again! We get to Calgary, Alberta, and we have to hammer it very fast through that city. It is a big city, and we don't want to stay in Calgary too long, as cyclists could be hit by cars there (a joke I use) and we go as fast as we can through there. Then, after passing thorough Calgary, we start our ascent into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I use a climb, starting to sit, and gradually adding tension (about every 30 seconds) as we climb into the mountains, getting to the point where you have as much as you can take, standing up. I then vary the climbs and hammers to simulate the ever changing altitute of our #1 Highway through the mountains. I make sure I do at least 2 tough climbs with a hammer to finish off. That kind of simulates the Western part of Canada. You can change it to simiulate the topography of the area you live in.

These are just ideas I have been using, and have gotten great reviews from my participants. Keep the awesome ideas coming to the website. There are days that I am not sure what I would do without this site! Remember, any questions, concerns, beefs, boquets, etc., please, please email me and let me know.

Cheers for now! Happy cycling!


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From: Regina, Saskatchewa (Canada)
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