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This is a 64 count routine with the step facing west-east and using cross-phrasing techniques. I have adapted it from a recent Marcus Irwin workshop in Australia. All combos can be used stand alone, but put it all together and it works out to be a fun, tapless and creative, self-reversing routine. If you choose to add the combos together and teach as one routine, disregard what I've written for the lead legs and directions as these will change.

Combo 1

How to teach:
  1. Set up with 2 x V-steps and 2 x single alternating knees
  2. After the first alternating knee add 4 x marches/jogs on the step then step down.
  3. Layer the marches with pendulums. It feels great!

Combo 2

How to teach:
  1. Set up with an L shape on each end of the step
  2. Layer L shape with 3 hops to the side
  3. Add hips and groovy arms

Combo 3

How to teach:
  1. Set up with triple knee repeaters on each end of step
  2. Increase to 4 knee repeaters and 4 step touches repeat other side
  3. Layer step touches with hop claps
  4. Add direction to hop claps, turning fully to reach the back of the step - repeat combo on back of step with opposite leg.

Combo 4

*Six point mambo:
Stomp step right lead left corner of step, march left-right on floor
Stomp step left lead right corner of step, march right-left on floor

How to teach:

  1. Set up with 4 basic steps
  2. Reduce to 1 basic step 6 marches on floor 2 repeater kicks
  3. Layer 6 point mambo over march
  4. Layer over the top with basic march

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Hope you have fun with the routine.

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From: Melbourne (Australia)
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