Kathy Z's HARDCORE Quickie 84

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5308)

Here's another advanced 32 counts to add into your routine! Here's the spiel on north-south-east-west directions again...remember that just like on a map, north, for example, is always north and doesn't change. North doesn't mean "the wall in front of you no matter where you are standing"; the north wall is the name of the wall that is at the front of the room when you begin, and it's still the north wall, even when your back is to it. The names of the directions don't switch around just because you're suddenly facing the back of the room. Hope that ends some confusion!

The step is horizontal. "Home" is the side you begin on.


Repeater stepover:
This is a 2-knee repeater, step down at home left, over the step right, well, just read on...

L-grapevine turnaround:
You are on the north side of the step, facing west...

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