Torture #2

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 5314)

1) Sit on the floor, feet on floor knees bent.

2) Arms reach forward.

3) Lift feet off floor & parallel the shins to the ceiling. Now the torture!!!!!

1) Pulling the naval in tightly toward the spine, hold for 20 seconds

2) Now reach the arms to the right, and drop the knees to the left, squeezing the right ribs to the right hip. Hold for 20 seconds

3) Come back to center and hold for 20 seconds

4) Repeat on other side. Then back to center, hold again.

5) Repeat this 2x.

While executing this exercise, make sure you have a slight lean back. And it is crucial that the naval is in tight & you are breathing!!! After this exercise, my classes promise "no more french fries".

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From: Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
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