Another "Boot Camp"

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Bootcamp=what you need
Steps, risers, mats, free weights, 1-10 or 1-25 pound weight, a place to run, & orange marker cones.

Set up 2 people to a step.

Step is vertical & has 6 risers- a mat on each side of bench-free weights under step- 10 or 25 pound weight at foot of mat. (10 pound for females/ 25 pound plate for males)

The Warmup (about 5 minutes)

The Workout (2 minutes each exercise)


Mark tire run & jumps with cones (get free weights, put aside). Space risers like a tire run, staggered. Foot does not go in riser!! It goes in the empty space next to the riser!! About 10-12 risers

Double up risers and put them in a line about 2 feet apart for the broad jumps, about 5 jumps= 10 risers. If you have stairs they are excellent, do stair runs up and down as many times as you want.

I have them do #1,#2 & #3.
Then do the tire run (tell them to lift knees) & then the jumps (make sure they pause after each jump: jump-pause-jump-pause, etc. not: jump, jump, jump, etc.)
Then the walking lunges with the free weights.

This workout keeps my recruits crying for mercy. Even the men. Depending on how long your class is you can shorten or stretch out the exercises. For a cool down we just walk around the track 2x, then go back to the aerobic room and do our stretching, if we have time left we do upper body with the free weights. If you don't have a track, you can set up the tire run/jumps down the middle of your aerobics room. I tell my recruits to get a teammate. They give each other support to finish the workout. I tell my people that if they have any type of injuries (knee, back, etc.) that maybe this class is not for them. Email with any questions, hope ya like!!!

Remember ="failure is not an option"!!!!!!!!! If you can take it, you can make it!!

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