Lauri's Athletic Circuit Challenge

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This is a great athletic circuit challenge. Beats per minute are kept between 130-135. Equipment needed: Jumpropes, cones, steps and risers, hula hoops, black electrical tape to mark off agility ladder on the floor, exertubes for the strength portion, a bean bag, medicine ball or plastic play ball and I also have access to rebounders (mini trampolines) that I use in circuits, they of course are optional.

Warm up is easy - walk around the room pumping arms several times, pick it up to a jog, then into traveling knee lifts and the front and center for stretch. Focus on calves, hip flexor and back stretches.

Set up:
In left corner of the room place 6 hula hoops in a circle with the 7th in the middle of the circle. This will be called hoop jumps. Behind the hoops mark off an agility ladder with the tape, it will almost look like a hopscotch game. In the front center of room place "pyramiding steps", one step with 2 risers (8 inch), one step with 3 risers (10 inch) and one step with 4 risers (12 inch). On the right side of the room set up 8 - 6 inch steps end to end forming a step line and at the end of the line about 5 feet from the last step place a bean bag. In the back of the room place cones zig-zagged, this is where you will do jumprope relay. Leave space in the middle of the room for group activities.

     o o              x    x    x                x
    o o o             x    x    x                x
     o o              x    x    x                x
                      8"  10"  12"               x
   -------                                       x
   -------             pyramids                  x
   -------                                       o
                                          step line and 
hula hoops and                              bean bag
agility ladders

            []      []       []
                []       []      jump rope course

Line your students up and have them count off in 4's and make sure they remember their group number. Have them get into 4 groups according to their number. The groups will alternate stations, staying at each station for 3 minutes then come front and center for group activities and then change stations for another 3 minutes.

Group activity ideas (2 minutes each): squat kicks, jabs and cross jabs, billy jacks, hi lo pattern, strength training with the tubes, chest back, bi tri, delts email me if you want some good partner tube ideas.

Station #1 begin at the end of the agility ladder- drill ideas: one legged hop through the ladder and then high knee run through the cones and back to the end of the line. Change lead leg. Lateral runs and then hops in and out of each hoop going to the center hoop each time.

Station #2 two students on one step. Beginning on the 8 inch step do 8 step ups, step up and over, 4 jacks and then proceed to the 10 inch step and repeat on the 12 inch step, get off and sprint to the end of the line. When the first two students come off the 8 inch step and start jacks, the next two students will get onto the 8 inch step etc... they do not have to follow the beats of the music for these step ups.

Station #3 begin a fast up up down down straddle run on the step lines, each person has his/her own step, the first person will straddle run off the step, sprint and pick up the bean bag, do 12 jacks, sprint back to pass off the bean bag to the next person, the first guy will run to the back of the step line. They can alternate straddle runs, side lunges, squats on top or anything they like while they wait for their turn. Each student will move up one step as the person in front gets off theirs.

Station#4 Jump Rope through the obstacle course.

Then I finish off with having everyone follow me through the entire obstace course hopscotch, to hurdling over those pyramid steps, up & over the step line and through the cones with no ropes. Follow the leader style, we'll do that 3 or 4 times, cool down with walking and then for push ups. This is a killer class and takes about an hour start to finish. Email me if you need any clarification.

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From: Murdock, Florida (USA)
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