Around the bench and back again

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I always try to put the tricky stuff in the beginning of my class and the easy stuff last. This way they can do their thinking when they are freshest. The first block is hard compared to the rest. Please give it a go.

Your step is horizontal

Block #1

Repeat left lead (32)

Block #2

Repeat left lead (power jump should be with left foot closest to your bench)

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

I call this the up, up over you may chose a different term Now repeat block 5 with a left foot lead

Please note right hop turns will have you facing the back of the room and left hop turns will have you facing the front of the room upon completions. Please inform your class before doing the up, up over that there is a potential for injury if when placing the foot to the front of the bench on the floor heel first to be certain not to twist the ankle as doing this step to fast and carelessly is not a good idea. I hope this is clear enough to use and I would not recommend this for the beginner either to cue or to participate. Enjoy let me know how it goes.

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