Kim W's Dec 99 "Tap Free" Double

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Steps are horizontal, at least 2-3 step riser widths apart. Start is in the center facing front behind the first step. Teach with taps, then take them out. First step will be #1, step behind will be #2. This is only five blocks of an unfinished routine. It will have six-eight blocks (I haven't decided yet), and I will email the remainder next week. [Part Two is here] I have designed the end of Block #5 so that you can begin from the top on the opposite foot until I complete the remaining blocks. For advanced students only--unfamiliar terms are at end--enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

You are now ready to begin from Block #1 on #1 step with a left lead.

L-step straddle: Right foot on step, lift left knee, left knee to floor, kick out (a kickboxing kick) with right foot, right foot comes down to top of step while turning to right wall, left knee comes up and you straddle the step.

Hamstring volley: Hamstring curl, switch steps, hamstring curl, switch steps again (go back where you started, done in-between both steps).

Hop turn, walk out, shuffle, walk X 2: Hop turn to other side of step, do not tap down and walk X 2 with right foot, then left moving to the back step. Do a shuffle (2 counts) still moving forward (this will change your lead leg from right back to left), then march X 2 on floor left & right to the back of the #2 step (you will be facing right wall, #2 step on your left).

Walk it up: Like a stomp on top of the step, but you are marching one foot on step, one on floor X 4 down the step (big knee lifts).

Back it up: March backwards on floor X 4 moving to the #1 step (inside) the first time its used and just moving back on the floor X 2 and moving forward on floor X 2 the second time it's used after the 2-knee repeater.

Inside loop: Turnstep, switch steps, turnstep, switch steps again. Begin and end where you started, same lead leg all the way around (like a big circle).

Reverse V-step: Like a reverse basic but with feet wide on top of step, then narrow when you exit.

Up lunge side-step: Always step up with the opposite lead foot you did your reverse V-step on. EX: if you come up right/left and exit back right/left on the reverse V-step, your up lunge side-step will begin with a left lead. Up to top of step (on end, facing front), lunge left foot to floor, right foot lunges out on step, then turn to right wall and straddle step (next move), left foot, then right foot.

Corner-corner walk-out/pivot back: Do a corner-corner and do not tap down, continue forward on floor walking 2 more times, then pivot on floor and walk X 2 back to your step.

V-step switch back: V-step on #1 step, switch to #2, V-step on #2, switch back to #1. Switch with the same lead foot you start your V-step with, EX: v-step left, turn to left to switch back, same to return back to #1 step.

Outside loop: Similar to inside loop, but facing out on steps. Cross top longways of #2, switch to #1, cross top longways of #1 (only to center of that step), lift your left knee and exit the step (like a reverse basic exit back), (you are facing front #1 step in front of you).

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