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Got the idea from an email list that I belong to. Put my own spin on it and voila'! We've got a combination in which the first move also begins with a letter in the word MILLENNIUM.

Okay, here are a few instructions and descriptions:

*For the letter E - the elbow strike with side squats - just how it sounds - squat out on the floor to the right and elbow strike with the right elbow, repeat on the left. For the squats & side kicks - use plie' squats-start with feet together -take right foot out & plie' squat (1,2) -bring right foot back in and side kick with left leg (3,4). If you don't teach kickboxing or aren't comfortable teaching it, you may want to find another E combination. You need to be able to breakdown a squat/kick and know form and technique in order to ensure safety of your participants. I like to offer a knee lift in place of the kick for those who have a hard time with balance or hyperextension of the knee during the kick. Now during this E combination I don't stick to any certain amount of counts, I still do things in 8, 16 and 32, but we don't really build a combination, we just repeat the moves to fatigue, which can happen really fast with these moves.

*For the 2 N combinations, I follow the same rule as above. Do things in 8, 16 & 32, but just be repetitive and let them have some fun. On the first N combination I may use my stop watch and time them once I bring them into full squat jumps, about a minute maybe less. Then we recover for a full minute with the basic narrow squats. For the second N combination, the noisy one, just let loose and have some fun, totally interact with the class, get them into it, let them design this combo.

*Inverted V-step - up,up right/left like a basic (1,2) /down, down right/left wide (3,4) it should look like an upside down V, now bring hands down to thighs and press right shoulder towards floor (5)/press left shoulder towards floor (6)/hop feet together (7)/clap(8) - now start your basic with the same lead you started your inverted V with.

That about covers it, you've spelled MILLENNIUM! I plan on spelling out the word and taping it to the mirror as we go. So after we finish the first M combination, I'll tape up the M to the mirror. By the time you've broken it all down, you'll have the completed word in front of you. Then run it through from the top seeing if they can remember what the first move of each combination is using the letter on the mirror as a clue. If you have any questions or any ideas to share please email me!

Happy holidays to all!

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