Advanced & Tapless from Jackie

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 5932)

Part I

Repeat with left lead.


Turn out after glute: 1 step up right to left corner; 2 glute lift; 3 step down left, rotating body to face rear; 4 step down right, rotating more to come around to right side of step; 5-8 regular glute lift on right corner

Lunges facing rear: 1-2 step up right left like your going over with no taps; 3-6 lunge right & left, facing rear; 7-8 down right left

Mambo cha cha: 1 right step on bench; 2 left step on floor; 3-&-4 cha cha cha on floor; repeat with other foot

Part II

Repeat with left lead


3 Quick lunges: 1-2 up left and right; 3 left foot lunges to right; 4 left foot "jumps" back up and right foot lunges to right; 5 right foot jumps up and left foot lunges; 6 left foot jumps up and right foot hangs in air on right side; 7-8 down right and left facing your step. A less intense/easier on the knees option is to: 1-2 go up left right; 3-5 lunge left, tap left on top, lunge left; 6 left foot plants on top; 7-8 down right and left.

Part III

Repeat with left lead


Reverse "V" -I'll explain this starting on the front/north side of the step where you'll be in the pattern: 1 right foot up on your left/the east corner, rotating to face east; 2 left up on other corner, rotating to face north/front; 3-4 down right & left facing front/north. Repeat to return to front/north side of step.

Over cha cha: 1-2 up right & left like regular over; 3-&-4 down right/left/right in a syncopated/cha cha/heel ball change tempo.

Shuffle: 1-&-2 "skip" with back to your step, traveling east, which is to your left; 3-&-4 "skip" facing the east end of your step, traveling north, so you are ready to L-step off the west end, facing south to repeat.

Part IV


Knee tap lunge: 1 right foot up; 2 left knee up; 3 left lunge to left/north; 4 left foot plants on step; 5 right lunge to right/south; 6 right foot plants on step; 7-8 down left & right

Revolving door: over twice with same lead, and no taps. Beginner option is over regular twice with taps, everyone returns to the same place.

6 Count turn: 1-3 left/right/left like a regular turn; 4 right back up on top to start another turn; 5 left up like regular turn; 6 right down like turn; 7-8 two left heel taps on step, or 2 jumps on floor. Beginner option is 2 regular turns, everyone returns to same place.

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From: Olney, Maryland (USA)
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