Wild Workout #1

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5933)

My class loves this workout!! The key is progression in teaching each block; see the bottom for my ideas for each block. I teach this to a step I class and never lose a single person, but at the end we're all sweating maniacs. Hope you enjoy this!! : )

Block #1 (32 count)

Block #2 (32 count)

Block #3 (32 count)

Block #4

Block #1:
*Kick-mambo-cha-cha: Starting the southeast corner with a right lead, Kick. Step off the bench with the left foot and turn to the OUTSIDE placing the right foot. Now left mambo with back facing the southeast corner. Cha-cha to the OUTSIDE back towards the bench.
**Waltz: 2x step touch on the ground turning around one end of the bench (walking around the end of the bench is a substitute)

Block #2:
*** Indecision (mine is different). Starting on the southeast corner, facing the west, right lead. Up on the bench with the right foot, then left, side lunge right, left, then exit right. Teaching cue - "up-up, lunge-lunge, exit right" Do this move alone several times and your class will have no problem doing it with just a cue "indecision"
**** K-step: Starting on the southeast corner, facing the west, right lead. Step touch on to the center of the bench, then step touch down on the ground at the southwest corner still facing west. Then do in reverse: still facing west, step touch back to the center of the bench, then step touch back to start at the southeast corner.

Block #3:
Progession is the KEY (explanation to follow for right side -- should be repeated on the left side). 1st I just do 5x up-up straddle, exit left, 2x tap up. 2nd 3x up-up straddle, exit left, 4x over the top, (u-turn, tap up to a change lead). 3rd 3x up-up straddle moving down the bench, 1/4 hop exit, 4x across the top. YOU ARE THERE!

Block #4:
***** Karate kick off the end: This is just a half L-step. First time through the block the karate kick is off the left end and second time off the right end.

Hope this helps!! I love this site. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

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