Advanced & Tapless from Jackie 2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 5943)

Thanks for everyone's help and inspiration. Enjoy.

Part I

Repeat on left

Right lead up up & straddle: 1-2 right then left up facing east, beginning on front/north side of step; 3 right down on south side; 4 left down on north side, still facing east

10 count mambo: after the straddle: 1 right up on east corner & lift left foot, rotating to face south; 2 left foot down on east end of step & lift right foot, facing south; 3 right foot back on east corner; 4-5 left foot then right foot step down on north side of step facing south; 6-10 repeat with left lead on west corner

2 Alternating abduct lifts on top: 1 right foot step; 2 left abduct lift on top of step; 3 left foot step on top; 4 right leg abduct lift; 5-6 down right & left. For more intensity, a "jump" can accompany the leg lift; just watch your landing.

Part II

Repeat on left

Step down then 3 count turn: 1 left foot steps down to floor & lift right foot; 2-3 up right & left like a regular turn; 4 right foot steps down to floor & left foot lifts, ready to go over. Option: on counts 2 & 3 you can face the rear like a reverse turn. Or some students can stay with the 4 counts marching on the floor.

Around the world: 1-4 left lead abduct straddle facing west, starting on front/north side of step; 5-8 abduct and exit/travel on south/back side of step, rotating to face east; 9-12 abduct straddle facing east; 13-16 abduct and exit to front/north

Part III

Repeat on left

Mambo to front: 1 right foot steps on top, left heel lifts; 2 left foot steps down & right foot lifts; 3 right foot steps on floor on front/north side of step, left heel lifts; 4 left foot steps down & right foot lifts

Turn double lunge, ending in a straddle: 1-2 right left up like a regular turn; 3 right toe taps floor on north side of step, facing west; 4 right knee lifts; 5 again right toe taps floor on north side of step, facing west; 6 again right knee lifts; 7 right foot down on floor on north side of step; 8 left foot steps down on south side. This move does not have to end in a straddle.

Heel taps single single double: 1 right heel taps top of step; 2 hop onto right foot on floor & tap left heel on top; 3 hop to left foot on floor & tap right heel on top; 4 tap right heel again; 5-8 repeat with left lead 1st. An easier/easier on the knees option is to slow it down and only do one set: 1 right heel taps on top; right foot down; 3 left heel taps top; 4 left foot down; 5 right heel taps; 6 right toe taps floor; 7 right heel taps; 8 step down right; begin next move with left.

Part IV

Repeat on left

Rocking "L": 1 right foot to west corner; 2 left knee lift; 3 left down on west/left end; 4 lift right knee

1/4 Reverse hop turn: 1 left foot on step; 2 right knee lifts & rotate to face front/north; 3-4 down right & left on out side, facing north/front

Chug: "90's turn with no tap"; shuffle 1 and 2 then down left & right

Over knee behind: 1 left foot on step, facing right/east; 2 right knee up with your right foot behind your left leg; 3 right foot down on front/north; 4 left foot down to left of right foot

Slow squat over: 1-2 right foot on top of step & squat; 3-4 step left foot on top of step & clap 2 times; 5-6 right foot steps down to floor on south side & squat; 7-8 left foot steps down to floor & clap 2 times. This is a great move after a lot of traveling because the tempo is slower and it allows your students to catch up.

I hope you like this one. I've had a lot of fun with it. Please pardon any typing errors. My typing teacher would be so ashamed. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

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