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Show Me Five!

After you are warmed up and are ready to throw down, proceed with the following combination - from the on-guard stance ..

To the hottest beat you can handle! My five punches get off in less than 2 second intervals .. then I start adding basic JKD kicks. It's a torrid workout .. also, you switch back and forth from right handed to southpaw stance to double the effectivenes.

It goes BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! Practice in front of a full mirror to make sure you are in the proper stance and bringing your hands back and not leaving any openings while delivering with power.

Now that sounds simple enough! But few pull it off smoothly because it takes a lot of practice to do it smoothly and with power. Speaking of power ... Many instructors forget to tell students to not fully extend your punches when you are punching air. You must be ready to snap or pull the punch back just as fast as it went out at about the 3/4 mark. This will avoid damaging your elbow and shoulder joints.

Also, the pulling of the punch is an important muscle toning isometric type dynamics going on here, as well as sound boxing principles of bringing your hands back to the on guard stand ready to block or throw a punch again - when boxercising it is important to realize you are boxing against an imaginary opponent. Also, it would be helpful to get a punching bag, or have someone hold a striking sheild, distance and timing can only be mastered by actually hitting something. Otherwise it's the same as learning how to swim out of water. All this is what the so-called boxercise self defense instructors forget to mention, or don't know how to do themselves. Most boxercise classes are just for fun and workouts, but a few offer real boxing techiques that teaches you real self defense - and too, the real boxing moves adds much more cardio to the workout. I also recommend that one learns how to box before adding kicks to their boxercise workouts. Most will stop after the first serious workout because a real boxercise workout usually causes soreness in spots people haven't felt before, because it's working. It's not for everyone, just those that really enjoy the boxing moves and the fantastic results they get from doing it after they get into the boxercise groove.

The only thing harder than throwing a left hook properly is trying to describe one in writing, but I'll try here. Assuming you know the proper stance - lead foot out, fairly wide stance, with rear foot at about a 45 degree angle, in fact, you are almost standing sideways to your imaginary opponent. This makes you a smaller target and increases your reach and gives your right a sneaky fast twist when you pivot your rear foot after the right .. your left is cocked and comes out naturally and parallel to the floor, your elbow in a "L" shape with your knuckles facing out - if you opened your hand at the end of the punch your palms would be facing you. Not in the tae bo tapes they they show the palms pointing down - WRONG! But there were very few real boxing moves in any of the tae bo videos - in fact none! You should take this seriously if you are going to do this, otherwise don't call it boxercise at all! Upon deliver of the left hook you must twist your waist and pivot your back foot, the power comes more from the violent twist of the waist, not so much with the arm, the arm is in a hooking motion and relaxed until impact, that's what separates the men from the boys and girls right here. But all can do it if they just practice like a real boxer - real boxers practice single punches for hours at a time - most of you won't do that. So just practice when you can. You will be suprised at the power you can generate just by doing it properly, and you are less likely to hurt yourself.

Jim Townes, Certified Boxing For Fitness Instructor

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From: Berkeley Missouri (USA)
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