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Here's a group of new tools for your step toolbox! CAUTION: These are definitely NOT for the faint-of-knees, the two-left-footed, or beginners! Very advanced stuff, some of it requiring some funky groovin' and shakin', some hopping, some yelling, and definitely lots of shuffling! What can I say? Shuffles are just fun, and I won't give them up!!! Please don't put these all together into one combination...you'll get dizzy if you do, and when your head stops spinning, you'll look around to see that your class left in frustration!

I hope these directions make sense. I've described everything from a horizontal point of view, using my standard north-south-east-west landmarks.


Beginning at home, facing west wall Note: You can angle your body during the lunge and then the hold so that this move is bigger and more powerful. It would take too long to try to describe it, so I advise playing around with it, experimenting with the power potential.


This is one of my new favorites, and there's about a million variations and things you can do with this one! This is just a very simple beginning...you'll see more of this in combos to come. My class loves this one.


(Thanks for the root-move, the "swoop", to Janis Pipon!)


More basic types can do a regular L-step; advanced can do the regular 3-Knee L (see other submissions), and this is a fun option for the super-sharks! NOTE: This move is great if you do it twice, moving the student completely around the step. You always step slightly forward off the corner of the step, so please be careful. It's basically three "skates", (step-knee) and a shuffle, and should be done BIG so that you cover a lot of territory. Hop away from the step!!! This move doesn't change your lead.


This one is a real tough one for most people, because you have to move your feet so quickly. It's a syncopated move, and really all you're doing is the quick 1-2-3 shuffle I love so much, OVER the step. Here, however, I've given you my favorite way to mix it into a routine, and usually I do these 8 counts two times because it takes at least that long for most people to get their feet moving right! During the time it takes to teach it and practice it, most of the class will be ready to drop! So I recommend previewing it before class, doing a slow-motion breakdown during class, and giving a regular over the top option for all but the die-hards. Four over the tops equal the following 8-counts done two times. No duh, I guess! :) Then you repeat the whole sequence, beginning with count one. You're on the right lead again, but you're on the north side of the step facing east. When you are done with count 16, you're back on the home side, facing west. Practice this!


This move begins facing north but standing close to the WEST corner of the step. This has a good side-to-side feel to it. No lead change.


This is another toughie that only your most nimble will be able to do. The others can do the easier version, which I've supplied after the harder one below. You face north throughout the entire 8 counts. Again, you'll probably want to choreograph your routine so that this is done at least twice in a row so that everyone can get their feet beneath them! This leaves you ready to begin the move again on the left lead. It's fun, once you get it! Here's a simpler variation, as promised. Counts 1-4 are the same, then step down at home on the left foot and march the remaining beats...either in place, or move it around to the north side of the step.


No reason for this name...I had to call it something! I don't even know what a Pokeman is! It starts like a regular turnstep, but with a twist! It's a very circular movement, and requires some hopping to get your body pointed in the right directions without torquing your knees. Begin facing west, with the step to your right side...

And remember...if you find yourself tapping in any of these moves, you're doing something wrong! Have fun and be careful! :)

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